warning: Highly bloglike material, hence the daylogging.

I'm a geek.

I am 22 this June. Somehow, a girl thought I was hot enough to make out with. Which is a first for me, seeing as how this was my, uh, mouth-debut, so to speak. Problem is, I am in love with someone else, and I am also not attracted to the girl with the tongue in question.

How the hell does the mouth work, is this all reflexes, is this some crazy joke on the so-called God's side? "Hey, let's have those two make out for no reason at all!"

The weird (or maybe not so) thing is that now I am tearing up. I guess it's cause I like this girl - as a friend - and I do not want to disappoint her, I mean, what am I even saying, today is one big non sequitur to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope I can let her down in a good way, even though I love her like a friend and she did take my virginity, so to speak.

(Even worse, I thought about noding this as I walked home from the pub - as I said, I'm a geek)