In danger of making this a terribly long node with GTKY-like qualities, I will shortly sum up my own experiences with HotOrNot as it's called now.

I have never been a very extrovert person, and at 20, I still haven't been in a relationship. Not because the opportunity hasn't been there, but because I don't have the guts to go further than friendship. I recently put a picture of myself on said site, as I had a few online friends tell me I'm not that shabby-looking, and it did reach a height of 9.8 the first day, and is now resting at 9.5. That means a lot to me, being the silent type that prefers to stand in the back of the room and watch the party.

On to my opinion; while the hotornot clientelle do tend to vote in the same direction, I do not think they are sheep, as they do not know what votes a picture has amassed before they cast their vote. Personally, I prefer to vote on character, as well as looks. That is, lots of so-called average-looking people are very attractive. As an example, I recently discovered that I am a nose-guy. I like noses that many people find too big. Guess I'm funny like that, but it also means I often give 10s to people who I later see have an average of 3 or 4.

No, you can't have my link, but go do some cyber-stalking, it should be possible to find it.