As the Faroe Islands is a very old and rocky place, there are lots of mountains that have legends and myths attributed to them.

A well-known formation of rocks is Risin & Kellingin (The Giant and the Crone), that is two large rocks on the southern sea-border. The legend tells us of a giant and a crone from Iceland who came to pull the Faroe Islands to Iceland. They put a rope over a mountain in the southern end and started pulling the islands. But the sun rose up before they were done and they petrified. You can still see them, standing there. The rope left a mark in the mountain, where it had pulled.

Once, the queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, visited that particular formation, and asked how you could tell which was the crone. The answer was "The one with the hole in the bottom..."

Audited October 5, 2001