The tracklist has been published by NME, and is as follows:

Disc A

Disc B

The double-CD and the quadruple-vinyl versions of drukqs is the album bringing The Twin out of his longest hiatus so far. Weighing in at more than 90 minutes, the tracks are the typical frantic chaos of beats and melodies we have come to love. There are many piano-tracks, as well as some very short tracks with odd noises and a birthday song. Especially recommended are Mt Saint Michel + St Micheals Mount, Taking Control, and 54 Cymru Beats.

The cover art is the inside of a piano, with the letters for "aphex twin" and "drukqs" on various items. Held in brown colors, it is one of the rare covers not to sport his by now well-known facial features. Fans will be spending months reading through welsh and cornish slangbooks to find out what these titles mean.

Despite speculation that Melodies from Mars, CAT023, or Analogue Bubblebath 5 could be present on the release, it is not so. The IDM List was heated with discussion about the supposedly leaked version (which turned out to be legit, two months before the official release).

Thanks to Centurix from the BBS for providing translations to many of the words.

Dhagrow = 'dreg'
Gwarek = 'arch'
Gwely = 'bed'
Holon = 'salt'
Hy = 'her'/'she'
Jynweythek = 'electronic machine'
Kernow = 'cornish'
Kesson = 'harmonius'
Lyf = 'deluge'
Mernans = 'death'
Scullyas = 'wastes'/'spills'
Strotha = 'squeeze'
Tynhe = 'tight'/'tighten'
Ylow = 'music'

Cymru = 'Wales'

Audited June 23, 2002