A band that perservered through harsh conditions for the love of metal. The members of the band were Max Cavalera (vocals/rhythm guitar), Igor Cavalera (drums), Paulo Pinto (bass), and Andreas Kisser (rhythm/lead guitar).

They started in Brasil, in impoverished conditions, playing shitty equipment, with one drum in the kit and a guitar and bass plugged into one amp. They didn't have the greatest skill or even easy access to firsthand metal tapes.

But they kept at it. Their playing became tighter and tighter, as their songwriting did. They played an early form of death metal/thrash in the beginning. The first album, Morbid Visions was a primitive and harsh statement.

Their technical skills neared their peak on Beneath the Remains. This album is one of the most desperate and bleak albums I've heard. At the same time, it is very angry. Somehow, it is positive overall.

By the time they got to Chaos A.D., they had simplified their compositional style some, but became more expressive and heavy. Everyone had a great feel for their instrument by this time. They always had a powerful sense of rhythm, but on this album, they brought out its full potential. There are incredible passages in this album in which the pitch does not change at all.

I saw them on this tour. They were even stronger live.

Sometime after Roots, things started to go bad. Their manager was also Max's wife. When the other members didn't want to continue using her, there was fallout, and Max left the band. Very shocking for a band that was always very unified.

He was since replaced (at least on vocals) by Derrick Green. He is on the album Against. It is decent, but not as amazing as the classic Sepultura albums.