On the other side of the Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Crown Victoria coin, there are a great number of reasons to own one yourself. I am a 21 year old man who happens to drive a former San Antonio PD squad car in the form of a 1998 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which is all painted white. I also wear all black, often in the form of BDU trousers popular among SWAT teams tucked into my jump boots, and a long black coat (which is not visible from outside the car). I have done this since before I even thought about getting a police car.

While I am sure that this has to suck for everyone else around me, it has great benefits in traffic. People let me in when I merge, they usually don't cruise at 10 MPH under the speed limit in the fast lane when I want to go faster than that, and they generally drive courteously around me. I have even been in a few Flying V's of Justice, where myself and two real unmarked police cars just form ourselves into an impromptu delta formation taking up three lanes at exactly the speed limit (can't help but love the precise Certified Calibration speedometers in the P71 police package).

This isn't to say that the car was purchased to look like a cop, I actually purchased it on the recommendation of several law enforcement professionals and cabbies who drive former police cars. Reliability and performance on the Police Package is better than it is on the civilian models, as are the cooling systems, which are vital in the Texas heat. The fact that the Lincoln does not have this, or the fact that the Police Package Caprice has a Corvette LT1 engine in it alone puts these law enforcement editions into a separate class from the civilian models.

But as to old people, the least they can do is drive, at minimum, the speed limit. They have a V-8 under the hood, so there is no excuse. Though honestly, the problem IMO is more related to elderly drivers rather than their cars specifically...anyone driving that far below the speed limit is dangerous in any car. It is my opinion that anyone who cannot drive the speed of the flow of traffic should either stick to suburban roads, or turn in their license outright. If they were to drive the speed of the flow of traffic, for instance, you wouldn't even catch up to them.