Please just leave me to my insanity

I am still unclear on what I was thinking. I know it had something to do with making nursing school a little easier. Moved back in with the folks.

Dear God, I think I'm going to kill her

Every five minutes, at my door again. I have an argument due for English in 12 hours. "Did you wash Morgan's uniforms?"

Of course I washed the uniforms. My daughter must have clean clothes to go to school. I have three kids. After 7 years, I believe I have this parenting thing somewhat figured out.

"What's Max doing in there?"

Yes, I am, I'm going to slip a cog

What my son is doing, while under my supervision, should not be of enough concern for her to interrupt my train of thought.

I'm spoiled. I want my computer. I want my MP3's. I can't just not answer. She'll beat the door down. She'll pick the lock.

I'm trapped