The alarm goes off and I snooze it. It's cold again. Cold and raining. My bed is so inviting. I'm beginning to wonder if putting the alarm across the room was such a swell idea. It seems to compel me back to the comfort of my blanket and pillow. I step out into the cold room and then scurry back to bliss.

It's my last morning as a free woman. I keep telling myself I should just hunker down with Mr. Vonnegut and relax today. Too much to do. Though, if I don't take today for me, I might end up regretting that decision.

I've drawn up some plans for a desk I would like to build for Madison. Something just his size. In my plan, it's convertible for the sake of growing with him.

Perhaps it would be more in keeping with our new life to have him help me build it. Decision made...I'll play Jesus tomorrow