It's on the short list for most offensive video game ever made. Back in the days of Atari, developers began to make "adult" games with mature themes. Some games, such as Bachelor Party, were a little raunchy, but Custer's Revenge was bizarre and devoid of taste.

The object of the game is to rape Native American women. Yes, you heard me right. This game was actually made and released for the Atari console. You control General Custer, who is sporting a large erection. At the opposite end of the screen stands a nude woman, who appears to be tied to a pole (but with the 2600's graphics, you can't be too sure). After you guide Custer to her, dodging arrows along the way, they share a moment of passion.

This game borders on obscenity. It is extremely disrespectful of both Native Americans and the touchy subject of rape. However, it illustrates a strange era in video gaming.