See, there are many, many, BLEEDING WELL MANY times I hate the fact the store I work for is open 24/7/364.25. Today is no exception. Not only was it another dismal day at work, but I had to miss the annual Labor Day party my cousin hosts. And when you have a cousin that communicates on the same level as you, as well as him being MARRIED to someone who communicates on the same level as you, you miss something when you miss an opportunity to visit them. Like, intelligent conversation. Or just bantering on about Weird Al songs.

Doesn't help that I didn't get much sleep last night, leaving me a weaving, bobbing mess at work. Though I AM glad, in this case, that my job is more gruntwork than brainwork, so coming in groggy isn't as much of a downside, as long as my muscles respond when I want them to. (PING? PONG!)

Ah, well. Tomorrow's Labor Day. Damn straight I have to work again. And it IS a union shop, oddly. Figure that one out.

Tuesday is when Oakland University kicks back in session. Schweet. All I have to do is buy the books there (Since hit some delays in my order) really early in the morning and fight the crowds in the bookstore. Fun fun fun fun fuck.