7:30 AM EST -- Yeah, Toast!

Time for toast. Time for economics. Time for complete and utter boredom. I hate economics.

But hey, my homework's done, and it prolongs the inevitable: the math modeling test later today.

12:20 PM EST -- Studying time! Or so.

I'll say, the Escort is a nice ride to class. And bringing my mix CD with me is nice, as well. But I don't think I'll get over the Pinto any time soon. And the Escort's got this irritating "Shift Up Now" light on the dashboard. I need a switch that tells the car "I KNOW how to drive a fucking manual, and NO, there's no chance in HELL I'm going to shift into the overdrive gear at 45MPH!"

The math modeling test is later today. 7:30 it starts. I leave home at 6:30 to get there in time. Time to study more, like I have been lately.

But first, I'll burn NixMixTwo to CD. I've needed another mix CD like I need a third nipple, but hey, I may as well. Organize it, set it on burn, and start studying.

12:40 PM EST -- 'Ey, Adam. Tennis?

Hrm. Friend stopped by right after I hit the start button on the burn. As long as he's here, I may as well give him a rude introduction to the new courts I ruthlessly ripped open in Mario Tennis. Anyone who says cute games suck gets a free kick in the ass from me.

After THIS, it'll be studying time.

1:00 PM EST -- 'Ey, Phil. Where's the truck?

Hrm. Bro just pulled up. Well, let me rephrase it: Bro just pulled up in someone else's car. This is a problem. He took the Ranger to school. Turns out the thing died on him somewhere in the depths of 13 Mile Road. Guess whose car we're taking to recover it? Hint: The car's model starts with an E, was recently purchased by me, replaces a Pinto...

With everyone in tow and a gas can in the back, we hit the road for a truck recovery.

1:20 PM EST -- 'Ey, Ranger. Need some gas?

Hrm. Reason the truck died is because the damn thing ran out of gas. No, my bro's not an idiot, the gas gauge doesn't work. Thus, we filled it up and headed home. NOW I can study, damnit!

9:00 PM EST -- Test

I am proud to say the studying helped.

I am ashamed to say it didn't help enough.

There were some problems I knew only because I went over them earlier. But, some of them I drew a complete blank on. Oh, well. I hope I get partial credit for bullshitting my way through it. There's always next test...