...Sometime...Sometime else...

8:54 AM EST -- I want a second opinion, damnit!

Bugger, is it 9 already? I've gotta leave at 9:40 for classes... Lemme check another clock.

8:56 AM EST -- Can I get a third and fourth opinion, as well?

Nope, no use, it's 9, and I overslept. Time to get washed up fast, get food, my daily comics and news, and get outta here.

Curiously, it takes MORE time to go to Burger King than it does to make toast. Hurm. Must take this into account with my calculations.

BTW, for those keeping score, I'm still not driving the Escort yet... I still have my reliable Pinto with me until my dad's had a chance to look the Escort over. I'm still happy.

12:00 PM EST -- Das Deutsch ist kaput

Time to head back into the magic language labs for more audio-backed INSANITY! This time, however, I have the answer manual (Which our German professor told us to buy)... which means I can read along as they ramble off their German thang.

Too bad they lack the video I need to finish the homework. The professor should understand. Maybe.

4:40 PM EST -- I've got a small bank account, and you expect me to do economics?

Great. Now I've got to finish my economics homework, and I STILL need help in math modelling... THE TEST BEING TOMORROW! I'm screwed.

But it's been a boring day.

10:00PM EST -- I'm honored!

Wow... after a quick search for any node with CaptainSpam in it's title (Ego trip, or to check if a node exists? You make the call), when I come across "CaptainSpam is a fuckwit". I was honored. Not since the likes of Juliet and Saige has anyone been honored by such a nodeshell. I was so honored that I put in a nuke request and was done with it.

You love me... you all really love me...

Next time, I'll save the nodeshell and add to my writeup count. That's a threat.


Hey, now... time for the future. I've almost got NixMixTwo ready to roll, soon as I make three new skits to plunk on it. Next, I need more doodles and such. I need to get my brain on paper more often.