...Wayback...Red Dwarf...

7:30 AM EST -- Ice Cream is TECHNICALLY a dairy product

How else should I avoid going to Burger King more than I need to for breakfast? Of course... I'll use the age-old wisdom of identifying various dairy products around the house.

Today should be "exciting"... My folks have found me what they believe to be a good new car for me. A 1993 Ford Escort Stationwagon, sky blue color. They seem hell-bent on getting rid of my happy 1980 Ford Pinto Stationwagon, black/rusty color. I'm gonna miss it. But, that's later.


I'll bet the teller behind the counter at the credit union probably never expected a small (well... large) person to walk in with $74 of change, rolled, and come asking for $1,513 for half the cost of a car. Ah, well, that's life.

2:35 PM EST -- We need insurance for our insurance

Well, that's spiffing. With $1,513 in my pocket, my dad comes home to find E-Mail in his box from Geico (The people we decided to get insurance for me from) saying that he left out a bit of important info from the insurance application for me. Information such as the driver's liscence numbers of everyone in the house besides me. This'll delay us from getting my car.

But, at least now I can do my homework. If I don't doze off.

5:15 PM EST -- Car

Well, I DID doze off, thank you very much. But not before finishing two -- yes, two -- more Economics problems. Hah.

What awoke me was the fact that my bro finally came home, providing my dad with the driver's liscence information he desired. When the insurance certificate came via fax, I was awoken and told to hop in the truck, as I was going to get the car.

I had my $1,513 of the $3,013 total handy. I got in the truck with all needed materials. (I, BTW, am the ONLY one in the house who drives a vehicle which is NOT a truck) It was then that I nearly cracked. No matter how much my dad tried to reassure me that it was a better car, and that the Pinto would be in storage until it's remade, the only thought that stuck out in my head was:

This car will be the replacement.
I'm taking my poor Pinto to the slaughterhouse.

I couldn't talk for nearly the whole ride there. I was fighting back tears (Failing miserably, I might add), afraid that I was losing the Pinto. I couldn't help it. I was NOT feeling good about this. Sure, the Pinto was rusting away, and maybe it's not the safest car out there, but it's survived me two and a half years on the road -- the highway, at that -- every day. One and a half of those years involved a 35 mile drive, each way, to Oakland University. And that thing kept on chugging away, not showing any signs of stopping.

I'd mention that the only time I took my dad's Thunderbird to OU, the brakes failed, but that's besides the point.

My dad was telling me that after he gets the Pinto reworked, he might give it back to me in exchange for the Escort I just got. We'll see.


10:00 PM EST -- Still need help

My dad said he'd rather look over the Escort before I use it daily. I still have use of the Pinto. I am happy.

Well, almost. I just arrived back from Math Modelling, and damn, I'm still lost. Add to that the fact I've got homework in other classes due, and, well...

Let's just say it ain't pretty.