8:29 AM EST -- They must think I'm dumber than I look

Woke up to the frosty wilderness that IS my room (Hey, it's our house's server room, it's better off that way). Can't beat Michigan's natural cooling system (Open windows) for keeping a server room nice and frosty cool.

It was any ol' day of waking up for class, still feeling groggy, avoiding the Penguin Mints (There's a difference between WAKING me up and KEEPING me awake), when I happened to check my Crosswinds E-Mail account. I found two messages, both of whose subjects were "Neighbor?", both of whom were mass-mailed to tons of people I don't know, both of which simply contained the text "Do you know this person?", both of which had a JPEG attachment on them. My question remains: How stupid do these people think I am? Most of the people I know are smart enough to send me PNG attachments anyhoo...

I'll copy the thing to macaroni, my happy Linux box, for a safe file opening. Or, nah, I'll just delete it.

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM EST -- A mysterious loss of consciousness

Passed out on my bed. Slept for numerous hours. Got up in time to see some more Olympics. Suddenly started wondering about Other sports which should be Olympic Games (tm). Eventually slept again.

Today was so bleeding exciting.

NEW NODES TODAY: Other sports which should be Olympic Games (tm)