...Back in my day...In THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE...

10:00 AM EST -- Mornings are out to kill me

That's the only thing about talking to someone for five hours straight last night, is that I need to get up at some point in time next morning. Not cool.

But, oh well. Today is another BLOODY FUN-FILLED DAY AT WORK SHOOT ME NOW!

11:00 PM EST -- I'm supposed to be the boss here

I come home from work (Wherein nothing ever happens) to find one of the communities I'm a regular member of has started a console war post in our local message board. Going on past experience with posts of this subject (And being an admin), I declare that I plan on closing off the post to avoid blood wars.

What happens next? Almost immediately, I get someone telling me that if the post hasn't caused trouble yet, it should stay open. I'm bleeding well starting to feel I can't do anything on that board without someone complaining to me.

It was an act of purest patience that allowed me to stay quiet when he compared my actions to racial profiling (My simple response was "Isn't that a little extreme?", and he agreed). Fortunately, I do believe we have worked out an agreement. Either that, or his connection has died out, and that's why he's not responding. Ah, well. The conversation ended on a happy note, at least. I THINK we agreed.


Plans soon for Exclaim Industries: Mebbe I'll start redrawing the entire comic series of The Adventures of Captain Spam so that it matches my current style and so I can rework most of it. Mebbe. And then I'll start with other, less haphazard drawings. Or my Perl scripting. Or something. Damn, I've got a lot to do.