Can we say "sick"?

I'm still feeling under the weather, but not bad enough to warrant me avoiding college. (I happen to like it at Oakland University) Economics struck first, revealing the reason our professor collapsed on Thursday. Well, it WOULD have been revealed to me, had I been there earlier. But, from what I understood, it was more or less a sudden blood pressure drop, or a naturally low blood pressure, or something.

One trip to the OU arcade followed. Ever had a game of Pac-Man where you easily nail well over 20,000 before beating level 2, then completely fall apart in level 4? Arrg.

Coming back home, I resolved myself to start kicking ass and taking numbers, or just taking numbers, in regards to DSL. My brother's already warning me that I'll take a rather large-like speed hit on the downstream (I've got @Home cable now, and the best DSL around here at the moment is 144/144), but I'm not sure I care, if it means getting more than one useable realworld IP addy again...

College came by and dragged me in again late-nite. All the fun of math modeling came to a rather curious twist today as my sickness left me feeling lightheaded and such. I enjoyed the multi-use splendor of toilet paper to it's fullest mucus-collecting extent in class.

Now I'm here, with a less-than-full Xtreme Gulp of Dr Pepper at my side, tissues behind me, R.E.M. and the rest of MP3: The Musical (My MP3 playlist of pure crap) cranking out the speakers, and more questions about math modeling than I ever wanted to experience. Whoopie, good for me.

EvilOpie: "I wonder if the xbox will be the first game console to BSoD? :-)"
CaptainSpam: "Nah, it'll use Solaris or Linux, like everything else Microsoft uses internally. :-)"