You know, I KNOW it's not really MAJOR XP hits or whatnot, but I've been getting Ack! every time I've logged in recently. It's getting on my nerves. If someone's systematically downvoting me, come on, would you at least let me know? I know that editors usually TELL or WARN me if they're gonna nuke a node, or at LEAST put it in their Editor Log...

Besides that, today was spent either A) Sleeping, or B) At work. Too bad both did not coincide with each other. However, at work, I, for once, came home HAPPIER than when I left.

I was taking up returns back to the service desk. I have to do that every once in a while when some boneheaded customer decides to leave stationary or housewares crap in the grocery department. (Or, I do it when I feel like wasting time... it's a long walk to the service desk) I was putting things away when I noticed one single, solitary, peaceful, happy looking small black, white, and yellow colored tin.

I looked up at one of the guys back behind the desk and asked, "Do we sell these here?" (Yes, people return the oddest crap, including some stuff we don't sell, so this question WAS, indeed, valid) He looked at the tin in question and told me to look it up on the computer. So I keyed in the UPC, and the computer came back with the lovely words:

"Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints".

Meijer now sells Penguin Mints. This will make things interesting.

(Yes, this WAS the highlight of my day. I work an exciting job.)