...Past Yonder...Hitherto...

1:01 AM EST -- *blip*

Wasn't enough that there was a lightning storm outside keeping me awake. (Say what you want about me being afraid of lightning, but that thunder's loud and hard to sleep to) But, in the corner of my room, I heard a rather familiar, unwanted noise...

(Sound of hard drive heads resetting) Fweeeeeeooooooooooooooooweeeeehummmmmm...

Damnit, I thought to myself, I'd better not hear what I think i'm gonna hear next...

...mmmmmmm *BEEP*

Power outage. Linux box went down. At least now I know all my startup scripts work properly.

5:40 PM EST -- MORE RAM?

After a rather uneventful day at class, I came home to find my bro wanting to rip his video tuner card out of my Windoze box. I had no problems with this.

Now, lemme tell you something about the new computer my dad got from Ford. It's name is Spot. It's got some nifty stuff on it, but it lacks in two areas: Video card (A crap on-motherboard number) and memory (32MB of RAM? The hell?)

Another thing was a LONG time ago, I had two memory chips, each a 64MB PC100, which I had to yank from my system, as they seemed to be either bad or incompatible with my 440LX motherboard. (Funny, they DID work for months before they started failing) This new box from Ford is MORE than likely compatible with the PC100 RAM.

Now, add those two paragraphs together. The obvious answer is to jam the RAM into the new box and see if it works right. Maybe UT and HL will run properly...

BUT, there's more... I've had a small 32MB PC66 chip around for even LONGER. (I won't get into why) This chip was used when I ditched the two 64MB chips and was waiting for a new 128MB chip to come in. However, when I got the 128MB chip, I absent-mindedly just removed the 32MB, instead of using it WITH the 128 to give myself 160MB of niftage.

This time, though, my box was going to be opened, and I had it on my mind. So, I figured, why not put the chip to good use?

  • First try: BIOS didn't recognize it. Tried readjusting.
  • Second try: Got as far as the TNT2's init, locked hard. Gave up and removed chip.

Ah, well. 128MB is good enough for me. Shut up. It is.