10:00 - 10:47 AM EST -- Economics test

Guess what? Time to pull out the ol' Scantron 882-ES forms, it's test time in Economics! Bleh.

The curious part was that our normal professor wasn't there. In her place was someone whose sole purpose seemed to be to distribute the tests and collect them as we completed them. And tell us that there will be no class on Thursday.

This disturbs me, as the professor that's SUPPOSED to be there is the same one that collapsed about a week or two ago.

11:19 AM EST -- NIGHT of the LIVING ZOMBIES!!!!

En route home from class, I saw fire trucks and ambulances all stationed around the church that I pass every day to class. My first instinct was "Well, nobody's behind me, so <VOICE STYLE="Dopey">I'll just rubberneck!</VOICE>" Until I saw the students.

All in uniform. Every single one a clone of the next.

This nearly made me sick.

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