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2:00ish PM EST -- Bugger, fucked up again

Oh, wonderful. I might have alienated another E2 user with my naturally harsh form of speech.


<Lethal> Hey, why do I have so few writeups to my next level?
         Did something change?
<CaptainSpam> You weren't paying attention, were you?
See, we just got done discussing this in the CatBox. Then Lethal comes by and asks again. Unfortunately, I answered in my harsh, sarcastic rhetoric. And I did not include a smiley.

So, Lethal (justifiably) got a little upset over it.

Sorry I said that to ya, Lethal. It's just my usual form of speech. Sorry it sounded like an insult.

In recompence, I headed out and gave myself a swift punch to the gut. I'll try to keep my talking to IRC from now on.

ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST OF CRAP TODAY: "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)", Saint Etienne... Just a rather interesting number I heard on the radio Sunday night (Our local station plays trancey stuff like that late-nite Sundays...)