...Who let the dogs out?...If you say that one more time, I'll fucking kill you...

12:00 PM EST -- What did we learn a few weeks ago?

I'll admit, hey, I go to church every Sunday. Trick is, this usually requires me waking up early enough to hit the 8AM session. I do this for a REASON. One which I learned a few weeks ago.

Don't go to the noon mass!

The noon mass is when they start doing the screwy things. 8AM mass? Too early for most people, so a straight-forward, no-nonsense mass. 10AM? Still okay, but a little too crowded. Noon? Break out the choir and the children's singers, Jenny Sue, we're havin' a good ol' fashioned hootenany!

But, to cut a long story short, I ended up going to the noon mass. Arrg...

2:00 PM EST -- Look! A grocery store!

Yep, more work. My weekends suck. At least I'm not in the bottle return anymore.

6:15 PM EST -- I'm in the bottle return again

Here we go. The person who was SUPPOSED to come in and take over the bottle return didn't show. He was supposed to come in at 2PM. The previous bottle return person (Whom I was one of the people who taught him, so I KNOW he does a good job...) left at 4:30PM. Nobody took care of the bottle return until 6:15PM, when my manager informed me that nobody was coming in, and thus I'm in the bottle return.

The fact that I've done the bottle return previously, as well as doing a good job at it, has cursed me for life, since the managers know this fact about me and will use it at any time they deem neccessary.

To be exact, I didn't head in until 6:45PM... I had to take my lunch first so I could challenge myself to hold it down whilst working the bottle return. And remember, nobody took care of the place for two hours. GARBAGE EVERYWHERE!!!! But at least it resulted in me doodling more stuff.

11:40ish PM EST -- I do NOT need this

Spiffy. Now someone's trying to support lack of accountability on E2 under the thin guise of "liberty in writing! freedom of speech! fuck the draft! free kevin! save the dolphins!"? Whine whine whine. E2 is a dictatorship. I won't candy-coat it. It is controlled by the whims of a few computer geeks. Usually by insanity. However, it survives like this. Now shut up and accept it, or make your own E2. You won't change anything. There is no vote here, no "Let's impeach the rulers!", none of that. dem bones is in charge, he always will be, and he's not up to changing. You're a disgruntled adolescent geek who can't stand authority, he's a seasoned geek who can't stand insubordination. Factor in experience, and you're fighting a losing battle. Give it up.

Right, next up, I'd like to upgrade my glib files... but, stupid me, I think I installed a new glib (from source) OVER an old one (from RPM) a while back, and I'm not experienced enough to ferret out the files and figure out how to deinstall the old one to make the new one. Arrg.

Third? Didn't I have in my ICQ info that I'm not up for random chats? Where do these people come from? And why do they get offended that I don't just auth any random yahoo who requests authorization and immediately try to get to know them?

Fourth? I'm trying to debug DirectX with someone who's not quite up on the delicate balance, nay, unstable mayhem that IS Windoze? Bah!