Mejier Employee Record

Employee: Nicholas Joseph Killewald
Store number: 63
Employee number: 0630350
Hired: August, 1997 to Department 40 (Service)
Transfered: September, 1999 to Department 1 (Grocery)

As of May 29, 2000: Missing in action

...that same day...

May 29, 2000
Liberation Day

That was it. No more.

I had what I can only call a nervous breakdown at work today. I should have realized something was going to go wrong when I sat down at the blood pressure machine on my last break and watched the readout: 179 over 97. The area that can only be defined as "Dangerous".

I took this as another reason to leave. I felt that they were damn lucky I stuck around for Memorial Day. All I knew was this: I would NOT be back for Independance Day.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

Garbage time. The garbage compactor was opened early to allow me to get to it before I had to leave. (How nice) I was supposed to have someone take over the bottle return while I was getting rid of the garbage. While at the compactor, waiting for it to get unjammed, I heard the bottle return machines start to beep. "Hrm..." I thought, "the other guy should be there to get it."

Five minutes of exciting compactor-unjamming action later, someone runs up and asks, "Who's running the bottle return?" I realize that the guy is NOT there, and was forced to dart back and take care of four buzzing machines, one of which was completely stuck. My time had come, it was 7PM, time to leave.

Exhausted, I started off for the time clock.

Another machine buzzed.

Something inside me snapped.

I screamed. I ran. And ran.

I hit the timeclock and left, jittering and mumbling the whole way. Once I finally got home, I screamed and ran into my room, sobbing and gasping for breath.

End of Meijer career.