A 'game' of sorts released for the Super NES.

Mario Paint was a bit unique for a console game. (Hell, it still is now) Instead of a 'game', per se, it was more of a simple drawing program. In it were drawing tools (All accented with odd sound effects), a music tool (With a rather odd set of instruments... think MIDI with Mario characters if it helps), and a simple 4- to 9-frame animation tool. For its time, it was a rather interesting program; you could play around with a drawing program without shelling out thousands of dollars for a professional PC-based program. By today's standards, of course, it wouldn't hold a candle to much of anything, but it was interesting in its day.

What made this one REALLY shine, though, was the Nintendo Mouse that came with it. An infinitely useful but sadly underutilized device, the SNES Mouse acted exactly like a simple two-button mouse. Anyone who's played games on a computer can tell you that a mouse can mean the difference between life and death, but consoles lacked this essential tool. Too bad nobody really picked up on it in the console world.

Mario Paint also had the infamous Gnat Attack game, a game in which you swatted flies with a flyswatter using the mouse. Plus, probably the longest save/load times I've ever seen on a console game. Except maybe for SimAnt.