Just another random work day. This one was more boring than most. Nothing to stock, not many customers... Boring and dull. Still beats the hell outta Bottle Return.

Order #4 from ThinkGeek was made today... more Penguin Mints and lots of other junk I don't need. Damn, it feels good to get useless junk.

The plans are finalized, I'm going to Cedar Point on August 13, 2000 to meet a good friend of mine from New York. First time he's ever gone to Cedar Point. Funny how I go every year, though. We felt that wearing ThinkGeek swag oughta make us identifiable in-park... One wearing the <GEEK> shirt and the Tux hat, the other wearing the "Will Work For Bandwidth" shirt and got root? hat... we should stick out well.

Damnit, but I've started doodling again. That means bad news to anyone on my ICQ contact list. More horrid doodles coming down the pipe. Ah, well, it's fun. >:-)

I should set up proftpd soon. Blah Blah Network info Blah Blah Node more often Blah Blah Perl Blah Blah C++ Blah Blah Blah.