Today, besides work, was spent doing something I've wanted to do for a while... download .isos of various Linux distros (Or is that distri?) and burn 'em to CD-R. Why?

Because I can.

I don't mean that because I've got a Cable Modem, or that I've got a CD-R. I mean that just because I can go through standard channels, get distros legally, and laugh at the people spending $200 for bare bones installs of Windoze. I get a sort of perverse joy from that.

I have no way of testing the burns or downloads, though. My little Red Hat box, which was originally my "toy" computer, is slowly becoming a network workhorse for the house. Thus, I'm lacking a test box. Huh. And I wanted to try some Slack.

I still need to learn how to wire up the house in a network, sharing one IP, making the Linux box a firewall, and allowing it to accept outside phone calls and give out PPP access at will. Anyone with any advice? It would be welcome...