Yet another dismally boring day at work. At least now it's not nerve-racking and insanity-inducing. And you can have so much fun with a pricing gun. It's amazing.

My Linux box is holding steady at 182 days so far. Six months of uptime. After the first month, coming from a Windoze/MS-DOS environment, it was quite a switch. Now it's just getting unbelievable. Soon, it'll be rediculous. I have no clue as to whether or not the changes I made to the startup scripts will work right. However, next time I get an oops, kernel panic, or other system-disabling event (More likely a power outage), it'll be complete overhaul time... second NIC, new kernel version, experiment with networking, all that. Fun.

But, that's all in my life for today. Next week, a friend of ours that's been hiding in various places around the world will be coming home for a couple weeks. Amazing.