4:51PM EST - Now that's just RUDE.

Today's the first day I'm actually DOING something on Spring Break. See, Spring Break (technically, Winter Break) began Monday here at Oakland U. This would pose no problems for me, were it not for a 5-page assignment due on Monday. This really isn't THAT bad of a problem, really... in all my other classes, nothing's due at least until Thursday, so I've only got one class to worry about. But, I digress.

Here I sit in the Kresge Library on OU's campus, looking up articles I can use for research material. Shamefully, our professor gave a rather sad requirement that only ONE of our sources can come from the internet (Which I plan on using technicalities to circumvent). This makes my topic, 'internet censorship', all that much harder to research for. This, incidentally, is the precise reason I failed RHT 160 LAST time, I chose a subject that wasn't 'mundane' and couldn't find proper research on it. But, again, I digress.

The Kresge Library computers are set up in a way that Netscape Navigator (No, not Communicator... just Navigator) is roughly the ONLY thing you can get into. This is because all the catalog info is stored in web format, through a myriad of scripts and HTML files. But, opening up Netscape allows people to go anywhere on the web (HTML-wise), and they don't have problems with that. That's cool.

The tricky part is that I kinda wanna get on macaroni, my Linux server, from here. This poses a problem, since I've set up macaroni to allow ssh and NOT telnet. And like I said, you can pretty much ONLY get to Navigator from here. The start menu is disabled; clicking start pulls up the shutdown menu. Explorer and Run... are completely dead. You can't get anywhere from here.

Well... out of technicality, you CAN use any Save as... or Open... window to get to a castrated Explorer. This would be nice if anyone bothered to install PuTTY or any other ssh client on these boxen (Windoze does not come with such luxuries). I always keep a copy stocked in my home directory, but I'd need to FTP in to get it. No anonymous FTP allowed to macaroni. I'd need the fully qualified username/password combo in the URL to make it work, and without the ability to clear the nav bar and history from Netscape (They killed those, too), I'd rather NOT let my password be avaliable to anyone who uses this box.

So, I say, that's rather rude.