I probably know exactly how a piece of this dream came about: Too much Junkyard Wars on Friday.

But, that part was minor, to say the least. I was in a junkyard. Not the sort of engineering heaven style junkyard in Junkyard Wars, more the post-apocalyptic gang turf style junkyard.

I wasn't myself. That much I knew. I was more or less fending off numerous thugs invading the junkyard. Oddly, this was all done in third-person... I wasn't myself, like I said, but I think I was in control (As much control as a dream allocates) of this person as I watched him.

At this point, my conscious mind came back in control and asked my subconsciousness, "Hey! What're you doing?", and my subconsciousness must've answered, "Oh, hi. I'm screwing with Spam's mind. Wanna watch?", and my consciousness thought about this and said, "Cool. What're you showing?", and I was more or less forced to stay asleep until the duration of this dream was over. So, this part is clear in my head, and I overslept.

Anyhoo, eventually, after beating up thugs junkyard-style, someone suddenly ran up to me and yelled, "You have to get out of here, they're gonna nuke the place!" I answered back, "I have to stay here and protect my people!", which was odd, since besides this guy who told me this, I was the only one on my side here.

After that, the last thing I did was construct a trap using a white car before something exploded in the air. It wasn't a nuke, per se... no mushroom cloud. Instead, it exploded into a ringlet of green stuff, presumably radiation. It hit the ground and all the radios suddenly started up with static.

Then, I was suddenly watching an interviewer talking to an army general. The general was saying things like "Well, of course, we don't LIKE sending in nukes to areas. In fact, I don't like it myself." He was tending to small samples of soil, or gerbil food, or whatever they were. They were all in portable dog kennels.

It was around that time that I gave up on the whole dream and woke up. But that was my night.