Now here's a dream that I'm actually sharing. For some bizzare reason, this one actually sticks out in my mind.

I was walking through Meijer. The place I work at. Well, not really the one I work at, this one seemed to be a hybrid of the one I work at and the one my bro worked at. The front was all windows (Like mine), but gifts and lamps was on the wrong side (Like my brother's).

That's where I happened to be. I was looking over all the odd flourescent stuff, lava lamps, and other groovy things like that. For some reason, I must have been looking over them for quite a while, since I didn't notice the lights in the store went out. Don't ask me why the lights around the groovy stuff didn't go out.

Anyhoo, after leaving gifts and lamps and noticing the lights being out in the store, I wondered what was up. It was then that I noticed the sound of rain on the roof. (It was either that or the store's A/C finally kicking in, and, let's face it, it could only be rain) I didn't have long to think about that, as suddenly, the windows in front of the store shattered under the pressure of rain. Though it seemed more like a tidal wave crashing through.

It was around that time that I woke up in a half-asleep stupor. I could swear I saw someone hiding in the corner of my room staring at me. I quickly figured out it was a hallucination, since there was no way in hell someone could fit in the corner of my room, amongst all the old software boxes, Nintendo Power magazines, Perl/Linux/etc books, and the as-yet-not-hung-up framed Tux poster.

This wouldn't be so odd to me if it didn't stick in my mind all day long. Or if it didn't start storming real hard late this night.