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12:04 PM EST - A Diabolical German Project

After the slight panic of dragging in over $100 worth of groceries into the German class, it was time to unleash this insane project that my partner and I were terribly underprepared for.

But it worked, it worked well, that's all what matters.

Monday's the final "real" day of class. Then we begin the "artificial" days, aka Finals. Ungroovy. Very ungroovy. There's only one place that can get more ungroovy than this...

5:05 PM EST - Say, have I ever mentioned that I hate my job?

I walk in. I punch in. I check next week's schedule.

I should have guessed that they prolly didn't quite get my Finals schedule sorted out in next week's... "offering". I did kinda turn THAT part in a tad late. Such as, last night, when I went shopping for the project.

They didn't give me days off for finals.


I marked on the damn sheet to have next Saturday off for Christmas Tree hunting.

I marked that damn sheet before the deadline.

I wanted that day off work.

The fuckers just don't listen.

Now they've scheduled me for that Saturday after I FUCKING WELL TOLD THEM I wanted it off. This is TWO weeks in a row they've pulled this shit.

I'm convinced I know who does the schedules. And I'm convinced he's got some sort of problem with me. This is all of a sudden, too. He used to be just another manager before he got promoted to a line leader. Now he's a snotty bastard.

About a week or two ago, he suddenly started glaring at me as opposed to actually greeting me when I walked by him. I wouldn't have thought anything of it except for what happened the second time. I greeted him, he glared at me, then ENTHUSIASTICALLY greeted the person right BEHIND me.

Ever since, I've decided to return his favor and show him what nine months of bottle return work does to a guy's sanity. (That's sanity in the BAD sense, the "homicidal maniac" sanity, not "staying up all night coding" sanity) But either this manager goes, or I do.

No, wait, I'll just go. Don't wanna make it seem like I WANT to be there. Time to check out job openings at Oakland U. I'm tired of fighting for my schedule to fit at Meijer, it's time to get a job with someone who might CARE.

Oh, and I'm not gonna go into work next Saturday, either.

12:30 AM EST - Cleanup!

There. Just got done with a node cleanup. And damn, but someone's quick on the draw, they're already nuked. Spiffing.

ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST OF CRAP: Equisite Dead Guy and (She Was A) Hotel Detective, both by They Might Be Giants. Coincidentally, this brings my total of TMBG songs to seven, surpassing my selection of R.E.M. by one.