Get ready for late daylog downvoting frenzy!

2:00 PM EST -- Less German, more Ghallager

Lemme bring you up to speed here.

Finals are coming up in the "quite soon" area of time over at Oakland University. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to TAKE said finals, as well as finalize any projects. Fortunately, I only have one such project to deal with, my German one.

Always the silly person, I decided to do a weird skit involving the daily eating habits of Germans. A part of it involves going all Ghallager on an orange. I was originally planning on videotaping it beforehand so I had the advantage of being able to clean up a makeshift stage afterward without pissing off the maintenence crew.

Unfortunately, due to us not being able to concentrate on German long enough to get this done earlier, we're stuck doing it live. And I'll still need to go Ghallager. And we still need to rehearse. Not cool at all.

8:00 PM EST -- What? No Bodgers this time?

Yummy... it's Wednesday in America, it's 8PM, I guess I know where I'll be for the next three hours... Junkyard Wars all night!

11:03 PM EST -- Is E2 leaking all over the 'net?

Oh, wonderful. Now, for some unknown reason, some dumb fuck's decided that the little message board I frequent is the perfect place to voice his whiny, overused opinions on such BLEEDING ORIGINAL subjects as abortion, the death penalty, legalizing drugs... you know, the same shit everyone dealt with in their high school debate classes. (Note how I cleverly avoid giving my stance on said topics)

We've also been dealing with a wave of idiocy for a couple weeks now... people complaining about the administration, people whining about us closing off topics (These are newbies to our little home) I'm wondering, is this a habringer of doom, maybe another September that never ended on the rise? Except one of arrogance rather than idiocy this time around?