Today I was woken up around 4 AM by the sounds of my hard drive going nuts, performing my nightly cron jobs. Sure beats the hell outta my alarm clock. It wasn't that bad, I had to be up around 4:30 AM anyhoo to get ready for work.

2 Frosted Devil's Food donuts later, I was off to work. I now regret not going for a slightly more technical job, as working the cardboard shredder/baler of a Meijer isn't exactly fun. It gets me money, though, so I suppose it ain't all bad. I'll get a better job later.

Arrived back home only to crash on the bed for a few hours. I was awoken by the sudden urge (urging) to go to church. After that, it was a rather quiet day/night. Whole house to myself.

And jessicapierce? At least you can spell ludicrous properly. :-)