"Your scavenger hunt goal for today is to count as many people with either Pokemon or Powerpuff Girls merchandise as possible."

Those were the words I gave my brother and his girlfriend while in line for the Raptor at Cedar Point today. We had plenty to count.

While this is our family's annual thrill-seeking trip to Ohio, a friend of mine I know over the internet had never been there before. This amazed me, as he's a coaster nut, and Cedar Point IS the place you go to find numerous roller coasters.

He was there this time. Actually, it was more or less prearranged to meet him there around the Silver Dollar Cafe (Not known for very much besides being a meeting point). Not too hard to spot each other -- we both wore good ol' ThinkGeek merchandise. For the record, I do believe that with his job, he DOES work for bandwidth.

Our suicide trip through the park was a blast, to say the least. Amongst other things, we found a DJ who knew how to fend off hecklers by threatening us with New Kids On The Block music, a DJ who got about a hundred or so people in line for the Raptor to do the Chicken Dance, five billion plushie electric rats of all sizes, and the fact that it's not REALLY worth waiting around for the Summer Spectacular.

Around 10:30, after nailing nearly every coaster there (The Millenium Force WAS worth the wait and the DJ threatening us), we tallied up the scores, revealed the bonus scavenger hunt object (Along the lines of Pokemon, any OTHER mass-marketed anime), realized that, despite MEETING at the Silver Dollar Cafe, we never actually ATE there, and bid farewell to the park for another year.

We got home around 2AM. I was sunburnt all over except on my arms. I now know that there are more vital places to stick sunscreen rather than the arms. My friend got back around 7AM, right in time for work. I have a picture of us on the Millenium Force which I'm not showing anyone.