"Was the punchline something to do with a dog's ass?"

That has got to be one of the oddest things I've ever asked my brother. But, hey, I did. It was one weird British show on phobias late this night, where a small boy was conquering his fear of dogs. The last step we saw was him going over to touch a dog (Something he never did before). The first thing the kid does is pet the dog's ass. Quite a few MST3K-like gags for the rest of the show had a punchline involving touching a dog's ass.

Boy, am I glad we're out of hot dog chili at Meijer. I swear, about twenty people TODAY asked me if we had any of the stuff that's on sale. Thankfully, I answered no... added to the number of people who asked me YESTERDAY, it makes me wonder how badly the city would stink if we actually HAD enough chili for all these bean-eating geriatrics...

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