Today involved work.

Ordinarily, that would usually mean today would be considered a loss. But...

...This link is where the backstory is... I was in a small discussion with the Girl from Bottles (No, not PersonTwo, check my past logs) today, and we somehow got Slavedriver's name mentioned in the discussion. Oddly, she mentioned that he got his ass fired.

I found this odd since nothing EVER happens that fast where I work. It was only about two weeks ago that she filed the sexual harassment claim against Slavedriver.

I thought nothing of what she said for a few seconds, then decided to check the work schedule for Slavedriver's name. Nothing. Nowhere. His name was completely and entirely absent.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "Guess he was fired." Girl from Bottles actually gained the courage to file the claim, and it stuck. I'm proud of her.

But besides that, I came back home from work and tried to sleep off the head cold I was developing, to no avail. It was then that I heard my friend's computer bombed out on him. Windoze was being Windoze all over his computer. Armed with my handy emergency disk in hand (The one with the CD driver, the Iomega Zip Drive drivers, and the batch file which started the install procedure of the Red Hat Linux 6.0 CD), I set out to save a computer from near-death.