Although I had doubts if everyone who had signed up would actually attend the meet, almost everyone did and made the day a legend to be told to grandchildren for many generations to come.

So, what went on at the gathering?

We spent almost the whole day in Suomenlinna. After the almost endless hiking around the island, we arrived to Kustaan Miekka where we had a nice picnic including cold food and warm beer. Simppa seemed to know everything about the place and it's history, so we all learned something new. (Can't remember anything, though). The weather was really on our side and most of the people went home looking like a boiled crab. (Sun lotions? Never heard.)

After returning to the main land and experiencing the Finnish-American E2 jam session, some of the gang had to leave while the rest of us went to have some dinner to a restaurant called Leningrad Cowboys, which I can recommend to every one who likes good food. After that, I regrettably had to leave. In fact it was damn close Gordian and I didn't miss the bus.. If there would have been time, I wouldn't have minded spending another day with the fellow Everythingians.

Even if Rome would have been built in a day, it wouldn't have been as amazing as The Unbelievable Finnish E2 GatheringTM.