A BBC cartoon series that ran from 1982 to 1987. It was created by Stan Hayward, produced, directed, and narrated by Bob Godfrey. That guy has a great voice for narration.

The show is a kids show, but also a comedy, and one that anyone can enjoy. This is a quality only found in cartoons from the 80s and back. Modern kids cartoons are pathetic in comparison.

As with most cartoon series', the storyline is almost identical every episode. Henry's cat goes on an adventure, often involving other characters. At the end of the show he would return home for a very large breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any of his many other daily meals. He is a fat and lazy cat.

The main characters are mostly animals with amusing names: Chris Rabbit, Pansy Pig, Mosey Mouse, Sammy Snail, Douglas Dog, Philippe Frog, Ted Tortoise, and Denise Duck. There was also Constable Bulldog, Farmer Giles, who was always mad at Henry's Cat for knocking over his cows, and the villain, Rum Baa Baa.
There is no character called Henry in the show to claim ownership of his cat. Henry is never talked about. According to Stan Hayward, he represented an absent father.

In my opinion, one of the things that makes this show great is the cheaply synthesised but well written theme music. Lyrics:

Henry's, Henry's, you must know Henry's Cat.
You must have seen the movie, you must have read the book.
He's the mellow yellow feline, so take a second look.
He know's everything about nothing, and not too much about that.
So if you know someone who knows what he knows then you must know Henry's Cat.

This is a classic cartoon that cannot be forgotten, matched only in quality by the like of Roger Ramjet and The Magic Roundabout.