Silver has the highest reflectivity of all metals, and is often used in mirrors.
It also has a very high conductivity and finds it's way into high-end audio designs.

Use in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Both the 107Ag and the 109Ag isotopes are NMR active and have a nuclear spin of 1/2. If you put silver into a magnetic field strong enough to make 1H resonate at a radio frequency of 100MHz, silver will resonate at 4.047 and 4.653 Mhz. (For the 107 and 109 isotopes respectively).

This can be a difficult nuclei to observe, as it has very large chemical shift, from 750ppm to -6000 for the metal. Also the relaxation time, T1 can be very long, from 60-950 seconds! This coupled with the fact that it's receptivity is only about 0.2 of 13carbon, makes for a very long NMR experiment.