Perhaps at the heart of this lies the art vs. science 'debate'.... I've always (rather glibly) said 'Art without science has no meaning, science without art has no point'

I really hope there is room for both on E2, but a balance must be found and maintained. Although rumour has it that factual nodes generally have much lower XP scores than do say, humourous ones, it does lead to the conclusion that non-factuals have more worth to E2, based on the XP that they accrue.
Based on my experiences here though I'd say the wind is changing; good factuals always seem to get enough votes to reach above the honour roll threshold. If I were to give advice to a new noder about what to chose as a subject for their first node, it would have to be 'make it factual' or be very sure it's very good! Regardless, if E2 can be likened to a brain, I think we should all try to at least try and keep it sane.

This is where the editorial job must get very tricky, factual nodes are generally easy to judge, creative writing less so. Down voting or nuking somebody's art can seem very harsh, and perhaps upseting to the noder....