With that classic boy next door look, Jason Schwartzman walked into the spotlight. He is the tremendously talented actor that starred as Max Fischer in “Rushmore”, a film by Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson (also see “Bottle Rocket”, written by the same ingenious pair). Jason was perfect for the role of the 15-year-old Max, even though he was 18 at the time (born June 26, 1980). Approximately 1,000 young actors tried out for the part, but only one got… and really can you imagine anyone besides Jason Schwartzman as the oddly lovable scamp, Max Fischer?

However, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jason has received such recognition. His mother is Talia Shire from the film “Rocky”, and Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle. He also has his cousins, Nicolas Cage, Sophia Coppola, and Roman Coppola, routing for his success. He also has a younger brother, Robert Schwartzman, that is beginning an acting career (The Princess Diaries and a bit part in Sophia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides). But let me return to Max… er… I mean Jason! The movie “Rushmore” was only the beginning, and his career is flying. His band of high school buddies is called Phantom Planet (Jason is the drummer), and they will soon be releasing their anticipated second album. It should be a great follow-up from their debut album, “The Planet Is Missing

Some of his other acting projects include: a guest role in “Freaks and Geeks” ( terrific show that sadly didn’t make it… possibly due to the popularity of the similar ‘70s comedy, “That ‘70s Show”), a co-starring role in C.Q., directed and written by Roman Coppola, a role in the movie “Simone” with Al Pacino (still in the production phase… predicted to be release in 2002), a starring role in Slackers (AKA “Hooking Up Ethanand “The Best and the Brightest”), directed by Dewey Nicks (to be released on video sometime in January of 2002), a role in “Just Like Mona”, directed by Joe Pantoliano, and finally another starring role in “SPUN” (currently in production). There were rumors a year or so ago that Jason would play the drummer in a movie about The Cure, but this information cannot be confirmed.

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