My random thought of the day (aka What if the Wachowski brothers have a lot more intelligence than we give them credit for?):

It is common knowledge that the movie The Matrix got its title from the scrolling rows of numbers that fly by that little screen they're always watching, right? But what if there's an alternate reason for the title - a matrix can also be a table of data. Data are sets of hard facts upon which we base our assumptions (ie: a mold). What we choose to define as fact, our basic assumptions (ie: gravity pulls us toward the earth, the sun will rise the next day, giant robots are not using us as mere power cells for their post-apocalyptic civilization), define reality. Not everyone interprets everything the same, because not everyone has the same basic assumptions through which they filter life.

Some see an urban/rural world dominated by humans.

Others see a wasteland where the few remaining free humans are chased down by giant metal squids.

I say potato, you say potatoe.