It is worth noting that with the splitting-up of Electronic Arts into four parts - and forgoing any comparison to hydra, amoebae, or flatworms, The Sims now have an entire company dedicated to the development of games, expansion packs, and such along the lines set out by the original game and by The Sims 2.

This development, while possibly frightening to some, is also logical given the incredible amount of profit Electronic Arts makes off the franchise. It seems that the open-ended gameplay so decried by some is incredibly popular amongst the perhaps-not-so-"gaming savvy". Perhaps some people enjoy the conscious-or-not reversion to the days when they used to play with dolls or perhaps G.I. Joe. Perhaps they like the idea of being able to utterly ruin the lives of little computer people. Or maybe they enjoy being able to simulate living something nicer than their drab, wretched lives.

Whatever the case, it seems like The Sims will be around for a good, long time.