Town in the Los Angeles area, specifically in the San Gabriel Valley.

Arcadia was known in the 1940's as a good place to raise rabbits. In fact the whole place, in its natural state, isn't good for much. It's a semi-desert area at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains, without a lot going for it.

In the 1920's or so, however, a major horse race track, Santa Anita, was located in what would later become Arcadia. Lucky Baldwin. too, was associated with the place, and his estate later became an arboretum. Complete with peacocks. The whole area became, in the late 1940's, a bedroom community for Los Angeles.

Recently, the town has become the alleged site for the TV serial Joan of Arcadia. In this metaphor, the town serves the place of "Ordinary Town." In fact, it is pretty ordinary.

And so a proper site for the extraordinary.