Japanese scratch DJ.

DJ Sushi was introduced to Hiphop and DJ culture at the age of 13, at a party, where he met a Japanese DJ by the name of DJ Splinter. Splinter knew a little bit of scratching and showed him some DJ tapes and DJ battle videos.

Later, Sushi teamed with DJ Splinter and DJ Jujitsu in the Typical Scratch Nerds. They also called themselves Otaku Scratch Crew (Otaku is the Japanese word for "nerd").

DJ Sushi was disgusted by all commercial aspects of Hiphop. Although a superb technical DJ, he never entered any DJ battles. "The word 'battle'," he said in his only interview, "means to fight, like in war or in sports. But that's not what DJ'ing is. It's an art, not a sport. You don't have competitions between two painters to see who can paint a piece of art the fastest. Do you?"

DJ Sushi and the Typical Scratch Nerds never released any records or CDs. However, thanks to DJ Splinter, two extremely rare Dub plates were created. Their re-release in CD form has managed to create very, very minute celebrity for DJ Sushi, but nonetheless probably still enough to incur his infinite wrath.

DJ Sushi's technical style has been compared to Q-Bert's, in particular his highly perfected crab scratch. Some similarities to Eddie Def have led to a minor rumor that they are one and the same. This does not hold up to scrutiny, however.

On January 1, 1999, DJ Sushi took his own life, jumping in front of an East Japan Railway Company train in Kunitachi City.
He was around 19(?) years old.