Smoky bacon flavored treats from Purina that will be sure to please your pooch. These meaty morsels will have your dog just Beggin' for more!

The most famous commercial for this product began its run at least ten years ago, and is still on the air today (as of July, 2001). It features a lovable pooch scampering around the kitchen wondering where he smells bacon. The viewer gets a dog's-eye, almost FPS-esque view of the dog seeking his bacony treat. When finally he finds it, he sees his human (with a large, badly-dyed, over-hairsprayed coiffure) picking up the bag of treats.

The dog's plaintive cry of "Bacon bacon bacon -- there! What's in the bag? I can't read!" should echo through the ages as a testament to just how alike humans are to their canine companions. Humans like bacon. Dogs like bacon. The home is a happy place with bacon and Beggin' Strips.

Be warned, however: Dogs should not eat bacon, for it gives them the squirts. Humans should not eat Beggin' Strips, for it makes the tummy ache.