Balance of Power is a complex simulation of Cold War era global diplomacy, released initially for Macintosh, PC and Amiga in 1988, and then updated for those platforms in the 1990 edition. The game places you in the shoes of either the American or Soviet leaders for the period between 1989 and 1997, then challenges you to increase your global prestige at the expense of your opposite number over that period, without triggering a nuclear conflagration.

This is not easy to do. The opposing Superpower can be very capricious, and it's all too easy to spark off Armageddon with an ill-judged intervention in Cuba, Nicaragua, or even Chad - and God help the player who tries to rock the boat in Europe. The 1990 edition introduced a multipolar mode, giving several other nuclear capable countries (hello China!) a ticket to the Mutually Assured Destruction party.

It's an enjoyably complex, and rather chilling, strategy title, which provides a fascinating insight into the fraught, paranoid world of Cold War diplomacy. It's now available as abandonware on the Internet - but don't forget to read the manual.