Your Typical GI Joe PSA:

Two stupid white kids -- one wearing a red baseball cap, the other a blond with a #9 jersey -- are walking down the street, eating hot dogs.

The red cap kid stuffs his hot dog in his mouth, then begins choking on it.

The #9 jersey kid then runs around in a frantic, effeminate circle. Since 1980s animation sucked, either the running cycle will jump every time the boy attempts to complete the circle or the jersey boy's skin color will flicker from brown to white.

As the cap boy continues choking, a GI Joe (let's say, Airtight) pops out of the trash can (which wasn't there five seconds ago) and performs the Heimlich maneuver on the choking kid. In a prime example of epic animation fail, the Heimlich maneuver will look stilted and vaguely sexual, making the generation who grew up with these cartoons (who are now adults) wonder how the censors could have let this slip.

The red cap kid is saved. Rather than ask Airtight how he ended up in a trash can or why he and the other GI Joes feel the need to follow kids around and give them semi-useful life lessons, the kid who was saved from choking recites the lesson of the day (which would be something to the effect of "Don't panic if someone chokes"). The #9 jersey kid (who did nothing of use throughout the PSA) chimes in with, "Now I know..."

Finish on a close-up of Airtight (who, due to epic animation fail, is missing a left eye or has a nose that looks worse than Michael Jackson's when he was living) ending the PSA with, "And knowing is half the battle!"