To nobody's surprise, the third anniversary of the death and destruction at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is approaching. The day that the United States' war of terrorism began (or at least the excuse for it).

Now this country is engaged in open-ended war abroad and at home. In the midst of a Presidential election campaign, both George W. Bush and John Kerry are on the record as supporting this war, and more of it as they find necessary, Bush even proudly taking advantage of his incumbency to proclaim himself the "War President".

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian candidate for president, is proudly a "Peace Candidate" and wants to show the world that there are plenty of Americans who don't agree with this war agenda. In memory of the innocents killed that day, his campaign site is going to have a page listing all donations between now and then ending with nine dollars and eleven cents. Whether it's $9.11 or $1,999.11 they will all be there, and hopefully that page will get ridiculously long.

Even if you wouldn't "waste your vote" on the Libertarian, you can tell the establishment and the world that what they claim to be doing in your name, they are not. Please visit and spend a minute and a few dollars remembering, and sending a very important message.

Thank you.