A friend once advised me thusly:

I still urge you strongly to develop a little thicker skin in two directions. Don't be so hurt by seemingly unfeeling words or actions … but don't go orbital by kindnesses either.
Good advice, though I can't say I've totally adopted it. Despite the affectionate treatment afforded me almost every day by Edward, the solitary nature of my life still has me depressed much of the time. When my cynic's view of much of mankind is temporarily interrupted by somebody — a stranger or even somone not very close — unexpectedly being very nice, thoughtful, or generous, it can still take me a while to get over it and resume my taciturn disposition.

I went to yoga practice at three o'clock this afternoon. Afterwards, back at the office, six o'clock rolled around and into my mailbox popped a message from one of my yoga teachers. In addition to the friendly interaction with Edward today, and a nice /msg from dannye, this coming out of the blue really put a nice cap on the day. Could anyone have a better teacher, of yoga or anything else, than this? Here is the message.


Here's a note for you — oh, and by the way we read your Ashtanga, NY review, and liked it — on several occasions I have heard you mention coming 4 days per week. Well, what about getting regular with three days per week first, for 2 or 3 weeks, and then bumping it up to 4 days. That seems more approachable.

Also you mentioned in the review that you aspire to be doing full primary some day. Well, the more you come the more realistic that sounds. And as a side note: it is not easy for any of us to practice every day, and hence the transformation comes…

All in all, you are admirable for your efforts, and we'd be super blessed to keep seeing you period.


In case you're interested, my attendance at my yoga sessions is rather irregular. I go pretty much every Sunday, and usually one or two days during the week. Once I've managed four times in one week, and once I had a two-week lapse. What I need is to get the discipline working…