Well, another era has come to an end. Today was Nolan's last day at NetLojix. Actually, the era of Nolan the First has been fading for a long time. He assured me that he'll still see me from time to time, but given that we've only been together outside of work once or twice this year (and that he says many things that he does not follow up on), I won't hold my breath.

It's a darn good thing I have such a good friend in Edward, or I'd probably be a mess. Speaking of whom, another interesting thing happened today.

He has a friend of more than ten years who moved away from here about a year ago, and the last couple of months have seen them becoming estranged and bitter (to different degrees). Edward asked me to read an email conversation that they'd been having, and write to his friend giving my viewpoint of what was going on between them. Despite the fact that that seemed to be none of my business, I was glad to do it for Edward. I sent off an email at about one o'clock this morning. The major subtext of most of my points was that Edward was seriously interested in fixing their friendship, a point which didn't seem to have been getting across, and which his friend had said that he doubted.

At about 6 o'clock this evening, while Edward and I were at his desk, he received his copy of the reply to me. Having thought it intrusive of me to send my missive in the first place, I was quite surprised to see, while we read it together, that the first paragraph consisted of thanks to me for doing so, and kudos to Edward for asking me to. (Which, amazingly enough, Edward had predicted would be his reaction.) As we reached the end, Edward's phone rang — it was his friend, and they started talking things out. I left them to it and the next morning, Edward said much good communication had occurred, progress was made, and the repair of the friendship was ongoing after a very good start.

I was very pleased to have been a part of that.